The polarjet® Universe

The Swiss Eco Cleaning Systems of polarjet combine all the advantages of dry ice cleaning in one innovative system featuring a particularly thorough and gentle cleaning of surfaces of all kinds. No water or chemicals are used, leaving no residues. polarjet – a Swiss quality trademark.

The polarjet® Product Range

polarjet® 1600

polarjet® 1600

EUR 6'900.–

polarjet® 1600 plus

polarjet® 1600 plus

EUR 7'800.–

polarjet® 2000

polarjet® 2000 - Trockeneisreiniger

EUR 8'700.–

polarjet® 4000

polarjet® 4000 - Trockeneisreiniger

EUR 10'500.–

polarjet® 6000

polarjet® 6000

EUR 12'250.–

Dry Ice Pellets

Dry Ice Pellets

Cooling or Cleaning


Stubborn impurities can only be removed with difficulty. Not with our polarjet 6000!

Convince yourself with this before and after photo.

A short review of the car sensation exhibition in Geneva, we were also allowed to be there, thanks to our partner in the Carrosserie industry, André Koch AG.

Having the ideal compressor is important in dry ice cleaning. We would like to present to you the ideal choice.A constant volume of pressure and air is necessary to operate any dry ice cleaning equipment over a longer period of time. A screw compressor is best suited to perform the task.

Already one year has passed since the start of the Auto-SPA AG in Gossau SG and our dry ice cleaning device polarjet 1600 is present from the beginning.