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The 7 Advantages of the polarjet® professional Vehicle Cleaning

2018-03-13 15:12

The 7 advantages of the polarjet® professional vehicle cleaning are characterized by its economic, easy, fast and environment-friendly cleaning of vehicles including body parts, engines, vehicle interiors and much more:


  1. In comparison to other blasting procedures (for example sandblasting), dry ice blasting is abrasion-free. The surfaces remain undamaged.
  2. Contrary to steam-cleaning, the dry ice cleaning process is without liquids. Thus, no water in corners or edges has to be removed or dried laboriously. There is also no danger of short circuits. Furthermore, dry ice cleaning is time-saving and non-corrosive.
  3. Dry ice cleaning is without chemical solvents and very environmentally friendly. No solvent residues or blasting material remains in the vehicle.
  4. In many cases, engines which need to be cleaned no longer must be disassembled resulting in a substantial reduction of cleaning time.
  5. Dry ice immediately evaporates in the ambient air. Thus, the disposal of contaminated blasting material is not necessary. The dirt removed from the surface can be disposed of economically and in an environmentally sound way, for example by vacuum-cleaning.
  6. The dry ice cleaning process ensures utmost cleanliness. For example, it is used in pretreatment, coating or foliation.
  7. The dry ice cleaning procedure is highly effective, very fast and in many cases the more cost-effective solution.

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