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The ideal Compressor for the ideal Dry Ice Cleaning Device – and vice versa!

2018-11-08 09:36

Having the ideal compressor is important in dry ice cleaning. We would like to present to you the ideal choice. A constant volume of pressure and air is necessary to operate any dry ice cleaning equipment over a longer period of time. A screw compressor is best suited to perform the task.

Smooth operation of the cleaning devices is accomplished by having the correct dimensioning of the compressor and the supply lines and by maintaining low moisture content of the compressed air.

A screw compressor with a downstream refrigeration dryer, a dew point of 3 °C and a filter cartridge of 5 μm usually fulfills the requirements. According to ISO 8573.1, this configuration approximately corresponds to quality class 3.4.4.

If the compressed air for an application is required to be completely free of particles and oil, additional devices such as a micro filter and a carbon filter must be installed.

Compressor Performance for polarjet Swiss Eco Cleaning Systems


Wire Cross-Section

Volume Flow

Compressor Performance





polarjet 1600

> 16mm

> 1000 l/min

min. 7.5 kW

polarjet 1600 +

> 19mm

> 2000 l/min

min. 11 - 15 kW

polarjet 2000

> 16mm

> 1500 l/min

min. 7.5 kW

polarjet 4000

> 19mm

> 3000 l/min

min. 15 kW

polarjet 6000

> 19mm

> 5000 l/min

min. 30 kW

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