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Sale of our new 2017 Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

2017-03-13 07:35

Now, the time has come – the Sale of our new 2017 Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment has been launched.

The polarjet® dry ice cleaning equipment has steadily improved in recent years. Our resarch and development staff have revised all of our devices with this mindset: "What's already good, can still become better".

From January 2017, the following device types are available:

Small Devices

Industrial Devices

As of late, on all polarjet devices an LED light may be attached to the mounting rail of the ergonomic and fluidically optimized blasting gun. This ensures good view to the cleaning object during the cleaning process. From 2017, our devices will be standard-equipped with LED light (200 lumen), ice shovel, 5 meter grounding cable, 7 or 10 meter compressed-air hose, hearing protection, safety goggles, dust mask and safety gloves.

Even more Dry Ice Power thanks to our new 2017 polarjet Series. Take advantage of this opportunity – it's worth it!

2017 Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

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