A System for 1001 Applications

Thorough. Gentle. No water. No chemicals. Electrically non-conductive. Thanks to these and other advantages, polarjet, the Swiss Eco Cleaning System is ideally suited for various applications and cleaning objects. No waste water or other harmful residues are generated. Cleaning can be this clean – for your business, too.

e.g. Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Trucks…

From the final cleaning of the car interior, to cleaning rims and exterior mirros up to cleaning engine parts and the squeaky clean finishing, polarjet revs up cars, motorcycles, bicycles and trucks.
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e.g. Electrical Industry

Since dry ice is electrically non-conductive, polarjet is able to safely, gently and thoroughly clean control cabinets, substations and engines with electrical components. Generators, however, can only be cleaned while the power is switched off.
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e.g. Metal Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry

You can rely on polarjet in terms of maintenance of manufacturing plants, the spotless cleaning of robot technology, bottling or mixing plants as well as laboratory tanks.
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e.g. Real Estate and Renovation

polarjet contributes to maintaining the value of your real estate by cleaning facade elements, different types of stone such as granite, concrete or natural stone as well as wood. Older buildings are ideally suited to be cleaned with the polarjet system, too.
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